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The farm has been in the same families hands for more than 200 years.  We are happy and proud to be the second owners to this great 112 acre farm.  We bought this farm to add balance to our lives and to eventually make a contribution to the needs of the world or at least the needs of hungry New Yorkers.  Over the past several years we have developed an APPRECIATION of the food we eat and feed to our children and have decided to be active participants in what we put into our bodies going forward.

It has been a steep learning curve but we are truly richer for what we have learned and what we can pass on to our kids, friends and families.  We understand that what makes a great farm is a great farmer and that in the end all the hard work is worth it.  I'm happy that I've been given this opportunity to learn from experienced farmers such as tim, sue & Don.  how to work the land and keep moving forward even after failure.   It's Taken five years to finally get to this point, where I feel confident that we, Ginkgo Farms, are heading in a direction I can handle as a part time farmer.  I'm excited to see how we do this year but have already started making plans for next year.

Our goals are adjusting Because of newly presented opportunities so stay tunned for the updated plan.

Ginkgo Farms is located on Cutting Farm, LLC and rents the space needed to conduct its business.  

We named the farm Ginkgo Farms for several reasons but the first and most obvious reason is because we found several Ginkgo trees on the farm.  As it has always been a favorite tree of ours in the fall, I was particularly happy to have several mature males within my care on the farm.  

For us the Ginkgo symbolizes strength, perseverance, positive inteligence and healing.  All the attributes we would want in our lives and for our farm.


Please come along and join us on our adventure into The real World - farming part time.



Ginkgo Farms

Visiting The Farm

If you like to visit the farm please contact us to make arrangements.

Contact us for a fall foliage visit at least one month before.


Ginkgo Farms